Posted: October 22, 2012 in Kertas

DUTA OFFICE SUPPLIES menyediakan berbagai macam merk seperti Executive, Garda, MDM, dan ukuran  amplop coklat , sbb :

– Kabinet                      : 11cm x 25cm
– Kabinet Kaca            : 11cm x 25cm
– Kabinet Lipat             : 11cm x 25cm x 3cm
– Super Kabinet            : 14cm x 27cm
– ½ Folio                      : 19cm x 25cm
– Kwarto                      : 21cm x 27cm
– A4                             : 22cm x 30cm
– Folio                          : 24cm x 35cm
– Map                          : 29cm x 40cm
– A3                             : 30.5cm x 43cm
– Double Folio              : 33cm x 44cm

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